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New Harbor Project

New Harbor Project                                                           City of Valdez Photo

The City of Valdez New Harbor Development Project is a multi-year, phased project to build a new harbor basin and upland facilities on the south side of the old Hotel Hill site. The new harbor will include docks/moorage capacity, vehicle parking lot, additional vessel launch ramps, and support services. New access roads and pedestrian walkways will be included to provide increased waterfront accessibility.

• Increased moorage capacity
• Additional launch ramps
• Greater waterfront access for boaters and the non-boating public
• Additional local economic activity
• Opportunity for service industry development and support for the fishing industry

Phase 2 Uplands Facilities and Inner Harbor Facilities - Phase 2 contractor, Pacific Pile & Marine (PPM) and subcontractors, continued posting submittals and shop drawings for the R&M design team to review. The Bilge Treatment building roof and siding were installed, mechanical and electrical rough-in was completed, electrical service and equipment panels were installed, OSB sheathing was placed on interior walls and sheetrock hung on the ceiling. The Restroom building roof trusses and roofing were installed, mechanical and electrical rough-in was completed, metal furring and solid blocking was installed on interior walls. The Warehouse building was backfilled to subgrade for slab inside and landscape or sidewalks outside. The fabrication plant in Houston confirmed that shipment of structural steel for the Warehouse building would be delayed until mid-November, therefore steel erection and remaining work on the Warehouse building has been postponed until spring 2018. Building contractors indicated they would stop work at the end of November and install the bilge treatment and other equipment next year when they resume work on the Warehouse.

Phase 2 is a single contract package consisting of Uplands Facilities (warehouse building, east restroom, bilge treatment facility, paving and landscaping) and Inner Harbor components (removal of in-water rock, piling, floats, pedestrian ramps, drive-down bridge and float). R&M continued: reviewing material and shop drawing submittals, responding to Requests for Information (RFIs) and clarifications of construction documents, and performing engineering inspections for construction of the uplands buildings.

The USACE is administering the Western Marine Construction (WMC) contract for dredging the navigation channel and float basin and construction of the breakwaters. The USACE indicated that WMC has completed the dredging and breakwater work. The USACE finished reviewing WMC’s survey and they hired a consultant to perform a second hydrographic survey to resolve some discrepancies. Preliminary data from the second survey has been provided to the City of Valdez (COV). The USACE has indicated the remainder of the basin would be turned over to the COV before the end of December. Arcadis has received updated financial information from the USACE and continues coordinating for closeout of the USACE contract with the COV.

• Completed electrical and mechanical rough-in for Bilge Treatment and Restroom buildings
• Finished interior concrete, installed insulation, sheathing, and sheetrock in Bilge Treatment building
• Installed insulation, angles for rock wainscot, and backfilled foundation for Warehouse building
• Continued fabrication of mooring float and drive-down float components

• Install doors, hang sheetrock and wall board, tape and paint Bilge Treatment and Restroom buildings
• Start assembling mooring and drive-down float sections at Seattle area shops
• Receive approved re-survey of the basin from the USACE
• Closeout COV contract with USACE for the dredging and breakwater work
• Receive and review responses to Request for Proposal (RFP) for Fuel Facility


If you have any questions, please contact:

Ron Rozak
Construction Manager
(907) 382-2933
Laura Langdon
Capital Facilities Project Manager
City of Valdez            
(907) 835-5478