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New Harbor Project

New Harbor Project                                                           City of Valdez Photo

The City of Valdez New Harbor Development Project is a multi-year, phased project to build a new harbor basin and upland facilities on the south side of the old Hotel Hill site. The new harbor will include docks/moorage capacity, vehicle parking lot, additional vessel launch ramps, and support services. New access roads and pedestrian walkways will be included to provide increased waterfront accessibility.

• Increased moorage capacity
• Additional launch ramps
• Greater waterfront access for boaters and the non-boating public
• Additional local economic activity
• Opportunity for service industry development and support for the fishing industry

Phase 2 Uplands Facilities and Inner Harbor Facilities - Uplands facilities work continued in the Warehouse Building with completion of the structural frame, placement of reinforced floor slab, membrane roof and parapet cap, canopies at entrances, stone veneer wainscot, interior wall framing, and start of mechanical and electrical rough-in. At the Bilge Treatment Building, Puffin installed the lights and electrical heaters; two 3000-gallon bilge water storage tanks were set in place and Mantech started installing mechanical piping, valves and fittings. Overhead rolling doors were installed at the Bilge and Warehouse buildings.
During lower tide levels, Pacific Pile and Marine (PPM) continued breaking bedrock with the hammer attached to an EX1200 excavator while an 870-excavator chipped rock along the West basin for temporary access and work pad. Sediment from the East basin and some rock from the West basin were dredged by the EX1200 excavator/clam bucket on the Flexi-Float barge and transported by the tug and dump barge to the offshore disposal site. Harris Sand & Gravel finished placing rock for the sediment containment berm between the Duck Flats and the Drive-Down Float basin. Zastrow started installing reinforcement for the slabs at the three maintenance pads and two of the gangway approaches.
PPM submitted a Blasting Plan for drilling and shooting the remaining in-water rock at the West and East basins. Fabrication and assembly of the mooring floats, pedestrian gangways, drive-down float modules, transfer bridge and pontoon, continues at Seattle area facilities. The barge with pile driving equipment, piling and floats for the West mooring basin was rescheduled for early-July arrival at the project.

R&M continued reviewing some submittals and the Blasting Plan, responded to Requests for Information (RFIs), clarifications of construction documents and conflicts in the field, performed special inspections and observations, and planned for June 6-7 inspection of floats being assembled and staged in the Seattle area for barge transport to the project.

The USACE is administering the Western Marine Construction (WMC) contract for dredging the navigation channel and float basin and construction of the breakwaters. The USACE scheduled the 1-year warranty inspection of the breakwaters work and is working toward fiscal closeout of their contract with WMC. The City, R&M and Arcadis had a teleconference with USACE and received the USACE position regarding the non-traditional benches at the toe of breakwaters and other questions or items which concerned the City. Arcadis will continue coordinating the closeout of the City’s contract with USACE.

• Continued fabrication of mooring float and drive-down float components at Seattle area shops
• Finished building Sediment Containment Berm between Duck Flats and Drive-down Float basin
• Installed roof, floor slab, wall framing, stone veneer and doors for Warehouse building
• Insulated and framed interior wainscot, roughed in most electrical and plumbing at Warehouse
• Installed storage tanks, started mechanical piping and valves, finished electrical at Bilge building
• Teleconferenced with USACE regarding hydrographic survey and other City concerns
• Obtained approval for Blasting Plan; began drilling and blasting bedrock at West basin

• Hang drywall, tape and paint rooms in Warehouse building
• Paint floors and install partitions in Restroom building
• Place concrete at Maintenance pads, Approaches to Gangways, Warehouse and Restroom
• Finish blasting and dredging bedrock at the West basin area
• Start blasting and dredging bedrock at Drive-down Float Basin
• Dedication Ceremony for placement of Airmen’s Memorial Plaque
• Mobilize and load Barge #1 with pile driving equipment, piling and mooring floats for West basin
• Closeout City’s contract with USACE for the dredging and breakwater work

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ron Rozak
Construction Manager
(907) 382-2933
Nathan Duval
Director of Capital Facilities
City of Valdez            
(907) 835-5478