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Healthier You
NEW to Healthier You 2015!
Healthier You Logo
Sarah Jorgenson-Owen
Recreational Activities Coordinator

Wendy Clubb
Recreational Supervisor

314 Clifton Dr
P.O. Box 307
Valdez, AK  99686

Ph: (907) 835-2531

Weigh-In Hours
6:00 am - 8:30 pm
PWSCC Health & Fitness Center
303 Lowe St
Valdez, AK 99686
Weekly Challenges! Participants earn 5 points for every weekly challenge completed during Healthier You.Weekly Challenges can be logged in by the participant in the Activity drop-down box on the Activity Tab online. Weekly Challenges can be found on the “Weekly Challenges” page in this booklet and will be listed in each week’s Newsletter, along with the Healthier You Sponsored Activity.

Organizations! Any local business or organization that wishes to track their employees or associates activity, can contact the Healthier You organizers before February 6thto have their organization listed online in the User Profile tab. Participants can select an organization or business during the registration process. Participants from multiple teams or individual participants not on a team can be part of an organization. Only one organization may be selected per participant. Tracking of activity points per organization is part of the Healthier You’s mission to encourage a culture of healthy living among all community members.The organization with the most activity points per person will win a special HY recognition.

Stay Informed! In 2015, we have more ways for you to stay informed about upcoming Healthier You Sponsored Activities (HYSA), Healthier You deadlines, Weekly Challenges, activity tips, healthy recipes, and more! Find information weekly here on our Healthier You webpage, in our weekly E-newsletter, on the homepage of, and on our Facebook page! 

Healthier You 2015 Dates

Healthier You Kick-Off    2PM- 5PM- Saturday, January 24th at the Civic Center

Late Registration    5AM- 8:30PM- Weekdays, January 26th- February 6th at the PWSCC Health & Fitness Center

Biometric Screening    Tuesday, February 3rd- Friday, February 6th at the PWSCC Health & Fitness Center; Sign-up at HY Kick-off or Late Registration for a time

Online Profile Due    Midnight- Friday, February 6th at

Weekly Weigh-In    6AM- 8:30PM- Weekdays, January 26th- April 15th at the PWSCC Health & Fitness Center

Final Weigh-In    6AM- 8:30PM- Weekdays, March 30th- April 15th at the PWSCC Health & Fitness Center

Biometric Screenings    April 7th- 10th

Online Activity Tracking ENDS at Midnight on Wednesday, April 15th at

Healthier You Fun Run & Finale    10AM- 12:30PM- Saturday, April 18th at the Teen Center

Healthier You At  A Glance

The Healthier You program runs for 12 weeks, January thru April. The program provides participants with weekly activities, weight loss, and smoke free days tracking. Healthier You is open to all participants age 5 years and older. Families are encouraged to participate together and form healthy lifestyles together. Participants can form teams which create workout groups that often outlast the length of the program. Each week Healthier You offers a special sponsored activity for the community free of charge. These activities range from sample workouts to health and wellness educational opportunities. Participants can also take advantage of free biometric screening, offered by SWAN at the beginning and end of the program as well as special one time Healthier You events such as clothing swaps, health coach workshops, and a 5K race. Healthier You participants earn points for their weight loss, physical activities and smoke free days. Recognition is given to the top point earners, as well, all participants that meet certain point threshholds are entered into the Grand Prize, Second Chance, and Over 25 Under 100 Prize drawings. Returning participants that meet maintained weight loss criteria are entered into the K-TWO (Keeping the Weight Off) Prize drawing.

Healthier You History
Healthier You was started in 2010 as a Parks & Recreation weight loss competition. In the first year, more than 200 people participated for a total of more than 1600 lbs lost.

In 2011, the Sound Wellness Alliance Network (SWAN) was approached by Parks & Recreation to partner together to bring this program back for its second year. SWAN became the program's major sponsor, and helped springboard the program into a more comprehensive healthy living program. SWAN's financial support, guidance, and volunteers significantly impacted the expansion of the program we enjoy today. Seeing the benefits of this community program, Providence Valdez Medical Center and the PWSCC Health & Fitness Center have joined in as current and past partners of the program.

  • Since 2010, HY participants have lost more than 6000lbs
  • Since 2011, HY Participants have logged more than 34,645 hours of physical activity
  • Since 2011, over 690 HY participants received FREE biometric screenings provided by SWAN to Know their Numbers!
  • Since 2012, HY Participants have logged more than 950 Smoke Free days

Today, Healthier You continues to promote a healthy lifestyle for the Valdez Community. The continued support of SWAN, the PWSCC Health & Fitness Center, and the Providence Valdez Medical Center have been a key factor in many successes of the program.

The Rock Wall will be CLOSED thru February 3rd
We want to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time at the Rock Wall, this closure will allow us to get additional volunteers and staff to help operate the Wall consistent with the attendance numbers we experienced on our opening week. Read on...
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