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City Forms
The following forms and documents may be downloaded from this website. All forms and documents are PDF files and can be downloaded using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please note some forms / documents are large files and may take a few minutes to download.

Administration / Human Resources
Form Description Fee 
Standard Application Submit a standard application when applying for a permanent part-time or full-time position   NA

Animal Control / Shelter
Form Description Fee
Adoption Application Request to adopt a pet from the Animal Shelter $30 adopted pet
Dog Kennel or Fanciers License Application Kennel Application Instruction Sheet $20
Dog City License Form  Register all dogs $20/pet
If pet is spayed or neutered fee is waived
Cattery License License for owning more than 4 cats $20
Animal Shelter Volunteer Application Request to volunteer at the Animal Shelter NA 

Capital Facilities
Form Description Fee
Request for Addendum and Plan Holders List To receive addendums associated with projects, interested contractor must submit a Request for Addendum form for each project. NA

City Clerk
Form Description Fee
Absentee Ballot Request Request for absentee ballot by mail NA
Board of Commission Appointment Application Application for appointment to board or commission  NA 
Massage Therapist License Application As of June 2015, all massage therapists practicing in Valdez must be licensed through the state of Alaska.

All massage therapists must also have a City of Valdez business license unless hired to practice under an established massage therapy provider.
Massage Establishment License Application Application for a massage therapists establishment license  $50 original
$25 renewal every 2 years 
Public Convenience (Taxi Cab) Certificate Application Application for taxi cab certificate  $100 annual fee 
Public Records Request Request for public records  NA 
Scholarship Application  Graduating seniors of Valdez High School who plan to pursue full-time higher education can apply for the All-America City Scholarship. In 2015, two All-America City scholarships in the amount of $2,500 will be awarded. Applications due by Friday April 17, 2015 at 5:00pm.

Convention & Civic Center
Form Description Fee
Application & Conditions for Use Submit to book an event at the Civic Center Rates & further details

Community & Economic Development
Building Permit Applications
Form Description Fee
Building Permit Application Request permit for any construction within Valdez. For any inquiries, please call (907) 834-3401. Fees vary per Resolution 13-25
Electrical Permit Application Request permit for electrical related building projects. Fees vary per Resolution 13-25
Plumbing / Mechanical Permit Application Request permit for plumbing and mechanical related building projects (ex: remove & replace boiler).  Fees vary per Resolution 13-25

Business Registration Forms
Form Description Fee
Business Registration Form Submit if you are starting a new business in Valdez and/or are planning on conducting business in Valdez even if your company resides elsewhere. Our office verifies that you hold a valid State of Alaska Business License and then you are issued a "green letter" stating that you can conduct business in Valdez. Fee waived
Business Registration Renewal Form Yearly business registration renewal for active businesses due January 31st of every year. This form is mailed to active businesses once a year (usually by January). Fee waived
Home Occupation Permit Application Submit if you are operating a business from your home. For further information, reference Ordinance # 98-03 NA 
Itinerant Vendor Application Request an Itinerant Vendor license. The license is valid for up to a maximum of 180 days. For further information, review Ordinance # 07-04 $50 fee is waived. A $500 bond is due in the form of cash or cashier's check and can be redeemed after the 180 day period or held by the City if the vendor wishes to do business the following year and does not want the bond back. 
Public Accommodation Tax Certificate of Registration Required for Public Accommodation (hotels, motels, B&B, Inns, etc.) NA

Land Use Forms
Form Description Fee
Conditional Use Permit (CUP) Application Request a conditional use permit. For further information, reference Municipal Code Chapter 17.50.     $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Exception Application Request an exception if a new structure was constructed in violation of the Municipal Code by innocent error. $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Gravel Lease of City Land Application Request to lease City-owned land for gravel extraction.  $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Land Lease Application Request to lease City-owned land.  $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Land Use Permit (LUP) Application Request to use City-owned land.  $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Lease Form Assignment Request for assignment of a lease with consent of the landlord.  $10 Application Fee
Purchase of City Land Over the Counter (OTC) Application Request to purchase City-owned land (over the counter). View current listing of available parcels $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Purchase of City Land Sale by Negotiation (SBN) Application Request to purchase City-owned land (sale by negotiation).  $50 Application Fee 
Rezone Application Request to rezone a parcel of land.  $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Subdivision Application Request to change property boundaries. $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Temporary Land Use Permit (TLUP) Application Request for temporary land use.  $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.
Variance Application Request a variance to a standard of a zoning district.  $50 Site Plan Fee Waived Per Resolution 12-72.

General Finance Forms
Form Description Fee
Address Change Form Update ownership\address information for the following services: AR, Dumpster, Taxes, Sewer, Water NA
Child Care Assistance Application Request to enroll in the Child Care Assistance Program NA
Dumpster Contract Request to lease a dumpster; regular and construction dumpsters are available  Regular Dumpster:
Reg. Dmp $20/month
Additional Tip $15/tip
Construction Dumpster:
Const. Dmp: $100/month
Drop Fee $50
Pickup Fee $50
Tip Fee $25
Cubic yard fee $10 
Public Accommodation Tax Return  Tax Return Required for Public Accommodation (hotels, motels, B&B, Inns, etc.)  Tax Due 
Vendor Direct Deposit/ACH Enrollment Direct deposit payment for vendors  NA 
Water Contract Request water and/or sewer service  Residential $50 deposit
Commercial deposit vary
2016 CSO Request for Funding Community Service Organizations requesting 2016 funding from the City of Valdez must submit this form by 8/31/2015 5 PM. NA 
2015 Energy Assistance Form View details of 2015 Energy Assistance Program  NA

Property Tax Exemption Forms
Form Description Fee
Community Purpose Exemption The property of an organization not organized for business or profit making purposes and used exclusively for community purposes may apply for a community purpose exemption. Application must be filed every year that exemption is requested before January 15th. NA
Fire Suppression System Exemption Application Any building that has a fire suppression that meets the city code and is approved by the State Fire Marshal Office is eligible for an exemption of 2% of the value of the structure at the time the system was installed or value of the structure at the year 2000 (the year the exemption went into existence). The amount of the exemption will not change. It will remain constant as long as the system is in place. NA
Senior Citizen / Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption Senior Citizen: To qualify for the property tax exemption, each senior citizen must have attained the age of 65 on or before December 31, 2011, and must have owned and occupied real property as a permanent place of abode as of December 31, 2011. New applicants must provide proof of age. A resident widow or widower age 60 to 64 is eligible if the deceased spouse of the widow or widower was eligible at the time of his or her death.
Disabled Veteran: Real property owned and occupied as a permanent place of abode by a disabled veteran is exempt from taxation. "Disabled Veteran" means a disabled person separated from the military service of the United States under a condition that is not dishonorable who is a resident of the State, whose disability was incurred or aggravated in the line of duty in the military service of the United States, and whose disability has been rated 50% or more by the branch of service in which that person served or by the Veteran's Administration. Applicants must provide proof of 50% or more disability. 
Senior Citizen / Disabled Veteran Homeowners Application for Hardship Exemption  In accordance with AS 29.45.030 (e) and 19AAC35.040, in case of hardship, the city may provide for exemption beyond the mandatory state exemption.  NA

Form Description Fee
Volunteer Application Request to be a City of Valdez Fire Volunteer; View additional volunteer opportunity information. NA
Medical Exam Medical Exam Form and Health Questionnaire for Volunteers. NA 

Form Description Fee
Boat Lift Agreement Request to rent the City of Valdez Boat Lift and operator to lift/move a vessel. See form for details
Fisherman's Dock Storage Agreement Request to use the City of Valdez Fisherman’s Dock for storage. Visit or call Harbor for pricing
Float Plan Form to file for any boating trip that explains exactly where you will be and when you are scheduled to return.  NA 
Grid Use Agreement Request to schedule the use of the City of Valdez Grid for boat work.  Visit or call Harbor for pricing 
Transient Moorage Agreement  Request to moor a transient vessel in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor.  Visit or call Harbor for pricing
Uplands Storage Agreement  Request for storage in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor uplands  See form for details 
Waiting List Form Request placement on the waiting list for a boat slip assignment in the Valdez Small Boat Harbor  $50/year 

Parks & Recreation
Form Description Fee
Activity Registration Form Register for any Parks & Recreation Activities See form for details
Events Pre-Registration Form Pre-Register for any Parks & Recreation Events See form for details
Park Rental Application Rent a Park Shelter for a birthday, picnic, or event. See form for details
Pool Rental Application  Request to rent the pool  See form for details 
Serve Alcohol at Event on City Property Application  Request to serve alcoholic beverages on city property  Fee of $10.00 for each day/time if this permit is issued for events that are fund raisers and/or a charge will be made for beverages or the event 
Submit online HAWK Trails Card  Participate in the Hike Alaska's Wild Kountry (HAWK) program. Hike Valdez maintained trails between Memorial Day and Labor Day and get a chance to win amazing prizes. Submit your Trails Card by 9/3/12. Participating residents can choose to turn their HAWK trails card online or in person at Parks & Rec office (Please only submit your trail card once, not both methods). Prizes will be distributed after September 3, 2012.

Visitor trails card need to be turned in at the Parks & Rec office. 

Police / Public Safety
Form Description Fee
Certificate of Insurance Submit form to SOA DMV within 15 days from date of the crash NA
Alaska Motor Vehicle Crash Form Use for any collision where the damage is less than $1,000 or any minor collisions where the suspect(s) are no longer on scene NA
Fingerprints Request for employment fingerprints  $10 per card 
Police Ride-Along Request to participate in the Ride-Along Program  NA 
Security Check for Residence  Request for residence security check  NA 
VPD Records Request  Request for VPD Records  NA 
Witness Statement Form  To provide VPD with a written witness statement  NA 

Form Description Fee
Kelsey Plaza Rental Form Submit to rent the Kelsey Plaza See form for details
Landing Request Form Vessels docking at either the Valdez Container Terminal (VCT) or Kelsey Dock are required to submit a landing request form See Port of Valdez Tariff for details
Serve Alcohol at Event on City Property Application Request to serve alcoholic beverages on city property  Fee of $10.00 for each day/time if this permit is issued for events that are fund raisers and/or a charge will be made for beverages or the event 

Public Works
Form Description Fee
Water Sample Request bacterial analysis on your drinking water. Obtain sample bottle from Community Development located at City Hall. Samples can only be dropped off at City Hall on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday's between 8:30 am to 5 pm $15 for Residents
$45 for Non-Residents