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Valdez Alaska
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Salmonberry Ski Hill

Admission Fee

Annual Fee $10.00 per person

Other Link Join the Brush Busters in November 2014


  1. Groomed Snow Trail

Join the Brush Busters this November 8th (Saturday) from 1PM - 4PM in clearing brush and debris from the ski area. If you and your family enjoy the benefits of a local ski area, show your appreciation and support by helping us maintain this area and keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone!

Bring your chainsaws, saws, machetes, and other brush cutting equipment to the Ski Hill to help assist in the annual brush cutting.

We recommend this activity for ages 12 and up, with a parent or guardian monitoring any minor that come to help, especially if tools are involved.

Call the Parks & Rec office at 907-835-2531 or visit for more information.