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Who qualifies for Child Care Assistance?
Anyone who meets financial eligibility.

Finance - Child Care Assistance Program

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1. Who qualifies for Child Care Assistance?
2. If I share custody with my child’s other parent, can I still receive Child Care Assistance?
3. Can I qualify for Child Care Assistance while I am attending school?
4. Can I get help with child care while I am looking for work?
5. What if I am working nights?
6. Does the program pay the provider directly?
7. Do I pay anything to the provider?
8. Can I use a friend or relative as a child care provider?
9. Can I use more than one provider?
10. Will CCA pay a provider who works in my home?
11. What if I do not have full, legal custody of a child who is living with me during a transition such as a divorce?
12. Does CCA pay an extra amount for children with special needs?