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Valdez Alaska

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PW Snow Removal

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1. What are the snow removal responsibilities of the City Shop?
2. Which streets are cleared first?
3. When are streets plowed?
4. When are streets sanded?
5. Where can I put the snow from my driveway?

PW Solid Waste

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1. Where can I recycle in Valdez?
2. What items can be recycled?
3. What about household hazardous waste?
4. When can I bring items to the baler facility?
5. What can I do with old appliances, such as washer / dryer, refrigerator, freezer, and stoves?
6. What can I do if I have temporary excess garbage from a holiday or hosting a party?
7. Where can I take brush or tree trimmings?
8. What are the hours of operation on observed holidays?